Andy's Autos Ltd Services

In the same way that you go to the doctor, the dentist and the optician for checkups, your car needs to go to a garage for a service.

Your car doesn't always need the same level of service and not everything needs to be done every year. We (and your car manufactors) highly recommend that you service your car regularly, as directed in your vehicles handbook. We provide competitive services without charging the earth and if you need an MOT this is done at a local, independent MOT testing station.

Currently an MOT and retest is 54.60 inc VAT

The table below is only a guideline as to how often it needs to be done and what should be done.

Lubrication Service - from 45 + VAT

Engine Filter Service - from 114 + VAT
  1. Change oil
  2. Change oil filter
As listed for the Lubrication Service +
  1. Change fuel filter
  2. Change air filter
  3. Change pollen filter
  4. Check and top up all fluids

Interim Service - from 70 +VAT
Interim service with longlife oil (low ash) From 105 +VAT

Full Service - from 195 +VAT
Every 6 months or 10,000 miles
which ever comes first.......
Every 12 months or 20,000 miles
which ever comes first.......
  1. Note any body damage
  2. Fit car protection kit
  3. Check operation of lights
  4. Check washers and wipers
  5. Change engine oil
  6. Fit new sump plug washer
  7. Check brake pipes and lines
  8. Check exhaust system
  9. Check front brake pads
  10. Check rear brake pads/shoes
  11. Inspect tyres and set pressures
  12. Report on tyre tread
  13. Check cooling system for leaks
  14. Check coolant
  15. Check all drive belts (not cambelts)
  16. Check all fluid levels
  17. Add screenwash and top up fluid
  18. Check and adjust clutch
  19. Check battery condition
  20. Brakes

  21. Road test*

  22. Steering
  23. Suspension
  24. Engine and gearbox
  25. Heating system
  26. Check for abnormal noises
All checks as at Interim Service +
  1. Pressure check cooling system
  2. Check suspension dampeners
  3. Check handbrake operation
  4. Fit new spark plugs as required
  5. Check and advise on cambelt
  6. Fit new air filter
  7. Check and adjust idle speed
  8. Check anti-freeze content
  9. Fit new fuel filter
  10. Check ECU system
  11. Check and adjust ignition timings
  12. Check and adjust emissions

At an additional charge of 35 + VAT
  1. Renew brake fluid and bleed brakes

*A short road test may not pickup intermittant faults